Our Difference

Dr Scott and Cathy Merry have worked closely together for many years, developing a deep respect for each other’s experience, skills and dedication. They saw an opportunity to improve patient outcomes by co-locating their practices in the Hand Centre and inviting other specialists to join them there.

This co-location enables them to:

  • Consult with one another regarding the best possible treatment for their patients
  • Ensure co-ordinated care of patients undergoing both surgery and therapy
  • Monitor patient outcomes so at to maintain best practice approaches to treatment of hand injuries and conditions
  • Offer patients a central, easily accessible location for a wide range of hand treatments, both surgical and non-surgical

At the Hand Centre, we recognise that surgery is not always the best option, and that even when surgery is indicated, it will often need to be supported by post-operative hand therapy. We also recognise that each patient is unique, with individual needs and circumstances that must be taken into account when recommending a course of treatment.

Our aim is to ensure that you get all the information you need to choose the most appropriate treatment for you – surgical or non-surgical.  We take our commitment to you seriously – our surgeons conduct their own surgical follow-up and will monitor your progress if you require post-operative therapy to ensure that you achieve the best possible result.

The Hand Centre is located just metres from the main Liverpool council car park in Warren Service Way.  On-street parking is available at the front of our building.  Diagnostic imaging services, Sydney Southwest Private Hospital and Liverpool Hospital are all within easy walking distance.

Suite 4, Level 4, 171 Bigge St, Liverpool NSW 2170