Work Injuries

The most common work-related injuries are injuries to the hand and wrist. These injuries account for more than a third of total work-related hospital cases. They range from relatively minor to severe.

Hand and wrist injuries can occur in many different industries, including manufacturing, retail trade, construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining and racing. They can also occur in many different ways, including: contact with hand tools and machinery; crushing or pinching between objects; falling; and exposure to heat and pressure.

The most common work-related injury is to the fingers. The most common types of injury are open wounds and fractures, but nerve injuries, crush injuries, sprains and strains and burns are also relatively common. Amputation is the most severe injury type.

When you injure your hand at work, the immediate aim is to address your injury, restore your hand function and get you back to work. At The Hand Centre, we work with you, your employer, hand therapists, rehabilitation providers and insurance companies to ensure that you return to work as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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